why the braking process is weak?

checking the linings surface so that is not lubricated with soft liquid,oil or grease.Also there is the possibility of abrasion and decreasing of linings level, in that case changing the lining is essential.

Why does the car deviate to one side during the braking?

The shoes are not adjusted-the linings surface is lubricated with oil-the linings don’t match.

Why the braking process doesn’t work properly or an extra force must be applied on the pedal for braking?

Linings are wet and humidity will lead to poor performance- the linings are not adjusted-the brake linings are heated up-the surface materials had been burnt.

Why the brake pedal is soft or spongy?

The shoes are not adjusted.

Why don’t the brakes release?

Shoes don’t return completely.

Why does the brake make squealing sound?

The linings are eroded and reached to the iron-the fabric for lining is not suitable-the lining has been seperated from the rivert or attaching area-the shoes or platforms are twisted-in disky shoes no groove on the lining would also be a reason.

Why the pedal’s course is over limited?

The linings abrasion is excessive.

Why the hand brake doesn’t work properly?

The linings abrasion is excessive.

Why do black dusts come out of the wheels and disks while washing?

The composition of the lining and burning of the surface materials leading to sticking of materials to the disk or ring will cause mal functioning of the brake – in disky shoes no groove on the lining for guiding these dusts could be another reason.

Why do some cracks appear on the surface of the lining after a while?

Low resistance of the linings material to high temprature-increasing the odds of continious interaction of lining with disk or ring and therefore damaging of the lining- malfuction of the brake system.