What is the difference between drum brakes and disc brakes?

What is the difference between drum brakes and disc brakes?

Now there are many people who have begun to pay attention to the car brake system selection, there are a lot of people think that the drum brake will be relatively low than the disc brake. Even the vast majority of people think that a new listing of the models if the disc from a disc into a cash brake brakes, it is a simple behavior. So what exactly is the difference between disc brakes and drum brakes?

Disk Brakes

First distinguish between disc brakes and drum brakes. Disc brakes, also known as “disc brakes”, as the name suggests, mainly brake disc (brake disc) and brake calipers constitute. When the wheel is working, the brake disc moves with the wheel, and when the brake is working, the brake calipers push the brake pads against the brake disc and produce the brake.

We usually ride the bike, the most common “pinch” brake can be seen as the most simple way to work on the disc brake.

Features of disc brake

  1. the brake effect is relatively linear uniform, improve vehicle comfort
  2. the brake speed from the brake pedal stroke depth control, relative handling better
  3. brake disc exposed, the brake system cooling more direct, higher braking limit, so the racing circle with disc brakes
  4. the brake plate production costs are high.

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes, drum brakes are composed of two bowls into rear brake drums, brake drum built-in brake pads and back to the spring, the brake is the rear brake drums internal brake pads expansion and brake drum Of the friction to achieve the effect of deceleration brake.

Drum brake features

  1. the braking force is very large, a short time can achieve the best braking effect, which is the disc brake does not have the advantage, but also ride comfort will have a certain impact.
  2. parts processing is simple, can effectively reduce costs.
  3. the drum brake heat dissipation relative to the disc is poor, continuous braking thermal attenuation significantly

Drum brakes and disc brakes in fact have their own characteristics, not a simple structure can be separated from the pros and cons. Such as the drum brake brake strength of the reasons, in many heavy-duty freight vehicles or large passenger car braking system loading, you can give full play to the advantages of drum brakes to ensure vehicle safety.
Disc brakes Because of the independence of the brake disc and the linearity of the braking effect, it is more used in performance cars and luxury cars with comfort. But also because of the characteristics of disc brakes, higher heat dissipation can effectively improve the braking performance of the vehicle, which is a lot of modified brake discs are necessary retrofit project.

For many owners to buy a car worried about the performance of drums, it is not so tangled, we usually drive very little brake system attenuation is particularly evident in the situation, especially A-class or A0-class small car, itself due to lighter weight , The requirements for the brake load is also low, so many are used before the disc rear brake drums brake system with the next, to achieve a relatively stable braking effect. So in general the original system with the brake system is enough to use, and there is no great difference between the merits and demerits.